Maintenance and maintenance vibrator points:

1. Before each shift, during and after the conduct. Check the circuit and switches, electrical parts can not damp and leakage, the outer layer can not be broken wire, the core wire is not exposed, the switch should be reliable contact fuse should meet concrete needle vibrator for sale price the requirements, the motor should be grounded. Check the bearing and motor temperature can not exceed 60 ℃, after use, remove dust and dirt and other parts of the body and the head, and placed in dry storage. 2. Maintenance classification: a: Work hours every 50-100; two: carry out every 300 operating hours; three: carry out every 600 operating hours. Maintenance, repair vibrator is to measure the motor insulation resistance value, flexible shaft wear surface more than 30% should be replaced, and so on.

Type concrete vibrators

Concrete vibration machinery work their way into vibrators, vibrators and vibrating attachment, such as Taiwan. Construction principle of these mechanical vibrations, mainly using high-speed rotating eccentric shaft or eccentric, the vibrator vibrates due to centrifugal force. Vibrators suitable vibrator beams, columns, walls and other components and mass concrete. Attached vibrator is mounted directly on the template vibrated by a vibration force generated when the eccentric rotation of the template to pass through the concrete, to tap purposes. General shaker for vibration hard work in the field of prefabricated concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete hard. Pressurized vibration method should be adopted. Plus pressure 1-3KN / m.

The importance of the vibrator method of operation

The method of operation of the vibrator and the vibrator itself is equally important, many operations will slowly penetrate into the vibrator concrete, but this slow inserted, will enclose the air below. Vibrator should quickly inserted deep into the concrete below stratification point. In the case of rapid insertion of concrete forced upward and outward movement of the air arrived at the top of the concrete, so as to facilitate air escape. In the UK, high pillars pouring, using the approach is not before the layer of concrete pouring, the first vibrator is inserted into the upper part of the concrete has been poured good, so you can at the same time to the poured concrete air upward and downward within outside sent packing. Extraction vibrator slowly, as strike action with a swinging motion of the waves, the air rush in front of, concrete vibrator concrete poker vibration poker and give enough time to allow the mortar to fill the gap in time between the coarse aggregate particles. When withdrawn, the vibrator moves up and down, but when the head of a vibrator through the concrete surface is exposed to, it must be pulled out immediately, otherwise it will be between the template and concrete sucked into the air. Mix architectural concrete requirements to do more than structural concrete vibration and tamping work, often times with the operator considered appropriate quantity.

Spacing vibrator insertion point is also very important, a number of the maximum radius of the vibrator to effectively tap the concrete is 9 inches (about 23cm), which will define the insert spaced not more than 18 inches (45cm), but it is better not more than 12 inches (30.5cm). Lightweight concrete and ordinary concrete performance are not the same stones, because its light weight aggregate particles. How to put it tamping become a big problem, it has a tendency to go up, a large number of surface bubbles is intended in the matter. In the surface of the bubble does not allow local, should not use light concrete